Miss Sophie, Lady Ginger, Sir PopaChops, Her Majesty Macie, Lord Barnabas, Princess Gracee

At Divon Mastiffs we take the care of our dogs very seriously. They are not only pets to us, they are family. Each one of them has their own wonderful personality and unique attributes.


**RETIRED** Dragonhall's Grandhill Miss Sophie of Divon

Founder & CEO 

Birthdate: January 1st, 2017
Colour: Fawn
Weight: 195 LBS

Sophie or as we affectionately call her Momma Sophie was born January 1st 2017 in Florida to Dragonhall’s Mastiffs. Sophie comes from a long line of top show dogs and sought after bloodlines.

Dam: GCh.Caledonia Dragonhalls Roxanne,

Sire: Tonani’s Ivory At A Boy Brady

We were lucky to have been entrusted with such a beautiful healthy and gentle soul.

Sophie was raised on a horse farm and blossomed into the beautiful, gentle giant with all the wonderful characteristics of the English Mastiff. Regal, loyal, loving, friendly but yet protective of her family and friends Sophie matured into a well-rounded healthy adult.

Sophie has shown through our breeding program what a wonderful mother she is to her puppies and her puppies have flourished into a great representation of the breed with great health, confirmation and temperament. Because of our love of Sophie and the English mastiff breed we are dedicated to furthering the breed through our breeding program.

Sophie has passed all the health testing for the English Mastiff Breed with flying colours!

Sophie is now retired from our breeding program and will enjoy the next generation of puppies as they come.








Ch. Divon's SirLion Popa Chops

CKC Canadian Champion


Birthdate: April 9th, 2020
Colour: Reverse Brindle
Weight: 135 LBS at 6.5 Months
215 LBS at 16 Months
PopaChops or as we affectionately call him Popa or The big Lug because of his massive size and bone structure is from Sophie’s and GCH Knighterrant’s KOODO NorthernPaws first breeding together.
Dam: Dragonhall's Grandhill Miss Sophie,  Sire: GCH.Knighterrant Koodo NorthernPaw

His impressive size and bone structure is a great representation of the breed. His demeanor is so loving, friendly, loyal, and happy go lucky. His markings are as striking as his personality.

Popa is our big love bug. We are excited for Popa to be Divon’s next Stud dog and produce beautiful puppies. Anyone who meets Popa falls in love with him and his joyful personality.Ch.Divon's Sirlion PopaChops has earned his CKC Canadian Champion Title in 2021


Knighterrant With The Grace of  God For Divon


Color:  Fawn


We are very lucky to be entrusted with such a special girl from the longest standing Mastiff Breeder in Canada:  Kinghterrant Mastiffs.  Gracee will be added to  our breeding program after the age of 2 pending all health testing.  We wil be entering her into some puppy confirmation shows and see how she enjoys strutting her stuff.  She has a great happy go lucky personality and such a sweet beautiful face.  We are overjoyed to have her part of our family.



GCh.NorthernPaws Cali Lady Ginger For Divon

                            CKC Canadian Grand Champion                            First Lady

Birthdate: June 2nd, 2020
Colour: Apricot
Weight: 71 LBS at 4.5 Months

170 LBS at 17 Months

Ginger or as we affectionately call her Sassy because she is fearless, mouthy, loves to explore and get into anything she can find, is a very happy, loving and definitely has personality!

We are very happy to be entrusted with her by NorthernPaws Mastiffs. Her striking apricot color matches her outgoing personality.

                        Dam: Ch.NorthernPaw Sasha                     

           Sire: Ch.Knighterrant’s Lord Cyrus

Ginger's very favourite thing to do is zoom around the house and tease our 2 cats. She is extremely vocal and definitely sassy.

Ginger will be put into our breeding program after the age of 2, pending her health testing, and bred to PopaChops.

There’s never a dull moment with Ginger around. She’s a vibrant, strong, beautiful representation of the breed.

Ch. NorthernPaws Cali Lady Ginger for Divon has earned her CKC Canadian  Champion Title in 2021 and her Grand Champion Spring 2022.   She is currently working towards her Canadian Bronze Championship.




Divon's Her Majesty Macie

Chairwomen of the Board

Birthdate:  October 31st, 2021
Colour:  Apricot Brindle
Weight :  80 lbs at 7 months

Our beautiful Macie is our keeper puppy from Momma Sophie's last litter. She is a full sister to our PopaChops.

Dam: Dragonhall's Grandhill Miss Sophie

Sire:  GCH.Knighterrant Koodo NorthernPaw

Macie is a very dark apricot brindle with an adorable face and loving way about her.  She is calm and loveable just like her momma.  She certainly shows great potential to be part of our breeding program in the future.  Time will tell.   Macie will be shown in the future as a puppy and hopefully she enjoys the showring so we can further her into Champion and Grand Champion once she is of age.  We are so excited to have her as part of the Divon family.

Macie has starting her show career and is working towards to Champion Title.


Divon Acres Lord Barnabas of Little Catalina

Birthdate:  October 31st, 2021
Colour:  Apricot Brindle
Weight :

Barnabas was the biggest male puppy from our Halloween Litter.  He is a beautiful, sweet brindle boy full of life.  Barnabas is the brother to our Macie from our Halloween 2021 Litter.  He is also a full brother to our PopaChops from our 2020 Litter.  He is co-owned with his mommy and daddy, Lindsay and Raynald. He will be tested at the age of 2 and pending results will be put into our breeding program.

Dam: Dragonhall's Grandhill Miss Sophie

‎Sire: GCH. Knighterrant Koodo NorthernPaw‎

Barnabas started his show career in the Baby Puppy class this past May 2022, in Petawawa, Ontario.  He enjoyed the show and did great learning the ropes of the show ring.

GCh. NorthernPaws Cali Lady Ginger For Divon

All Health Testing complete, Cleared by Parentage,  DM Clear

Ch.NorthernPaws Cali Lady Ginger For Divon
Ch Northernpaws Cali Lady Ginger For Divon Female Mastiff (2020)
Ch Knighterrant's Lord Cyrus
2016 Brindle Mastiff
Ch Knighterrant Sherman The Tank
2013 Brindle Mastiff
Ch. Knighterrant's Heavy Duty
2010 Brindle Mastiff
CH. Therecco's Dragon Knighterrant
~2004 Brindle
Knighterrant's Cookie Monster
Ch. Knighterrant's Apple of My Eye
CH. Knighterrant's Noble Dozer
Knighterrant's Girl Scout
Ch. Baskerville's Clairamel
2013 Apricot Mastiff
Ch. Greesons Now Waay Mo Betta of Chaputepek
2011 Mastiff
Ch Chaputepek's Bradock Lee Jr
CH Greesons Tar Rara Boom Dee Aye
Ch. Knighterrant's Princess Cayla
Fawn Mastiff
CH. Knighterrant's Noble Dozer
Knighterrant's Girl Scout
Ch. Northernpaw Sasha
2020 Apricot Mastiff
CH GCHS Watchman's Redbarn's Brutus
2012 Apricot Mastiff
CH Firesides Major Commodity
2007 Mastiff
CH Meadowfarm's Major Breakthrough
2002 Fawn
CH Mystiques pride and joy
CH. HLF Indiana
~2005 Fawn Mastiff
CH Prairie Buffalo Chief Crazy Horse
CH. Caledonia's Counselor Troi
BISS CH Agata MastineuM Vengo Veridas
2012 Fawn Mastiff
CH. Mastif Hill Casper Happy Bronco
2009 Fawn Mastiff
MULTI INT CH Yangerdook To Be A Full
INT CH Mastif Hill Expensive Thing
CH Korosdombi Brenda
CH Damaco Brynydri Of Bredwardine
Baska Spod Holi
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CH. Divon's SirLion PopaChops

All Health Testing Complete,  Cleared by Parentage, DM Clear.

New Champion.  Ch. Divon's SirLion PopaChops
popa ckc cert
Popa Chop CKC reg 2

Divon's Her Majesty Macie

Cleared By Parentage

Macie CKC Pedigree
Macie CKC Registration

Divon Acres Lord Barnabas of Little Catalina 

Cleared by Parentage

Barnabas and his mom
barn cert jpeg
popa ckc cert

Knighterrant With the Grace of God for Divon

Cleared by Parentage



Dragonhall's Grandhill Miss Sophie **Retired**

All Health Testing Complete.

Sophie Certified Export Pedigree AKC
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